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Medicare Supplement Quote | Medicare Quotes

Medicare Supplement Insurance can cost a great deal of money. A great number of people are paying too much for their insurance because most people do not know some simple facts about medicare supplements.

Knowing how the supplements work and what protections you have legally makes a huge difference. Our agents know how this all works already, but we want you to understand the facts so that you do not waste your hard earned retirement by giving it as a gift to an insurance company.

Medicare Supplement Insurance | Benefits are identical no matter the company

You might think you should go straight to a company like Blue Cross Blue Shield or AARP when looking for your Medicare insurance coverage, because they have very well known names. However, a Medicare F supplement from those companies is IDENTICAL in health benefits to an F supplement from a less expensive company. You are simply paying more for the name brand.

Always remember, any doctor who accepts Medicare supplement insurance, accepts ANY company’s Medicare supplement policy. Your primary insurance remains medicare and you never opt out, so you do not lose the protections you paid into your whole life.

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What is the difference between Plan N and F? | What is the difference between Plan F and G?

We could do like everyone else does, and give you a huge page of information from the government that does more to confuse than explain, but really it’s quite simple to explain the most commonly used options. Most people who use a Medicare supplement for insurance coverage use the F, G, and N plans. They provide the most coverage with least liability for the least cost. The goal that we have here is to keep your Medicare cost as low as possible.

  • F Supplement – Pays all hospital and doctor bills for medicare approved services that medicare does not pay.
  • G Supplement – Pays all hospital and doctor bills, other than the Medicare part B deductible (140$ in 2012).
  • N Supplement – Pays all hospital and doctor bills other than a maximum 20 dollar co-payment, and the Medicare part B deductible (140$ in 2012). There is also a $50 copay for ER visits.

It’s pretty easy to see why those 3 Medicare Supplement Plans are the most popular. They cover most hospital and doctor costs, without leaving any huge deductibles or co-payments. A 140 dollar deductible for the year is quite reasonable, compared to the Medicare Part A deductible that is over 1000 dollars. The idea is to make sure you are protected from the biggest expenses at the lowest cost possible, and we try to do that for all our clients.

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