Top Rated Medicare supplement companies at the lowest prices

When you’re looking for Medicare supplement insurance it can be overwelming and confusing. One thing most agents won’t tell you is, all medicare supplement coverage is the same. Which means, every Medicare supplement plan F from every company, works the same way, pays the same way, and you can see the same doctors, go to the same hospitals ect. The only difference between companies is: price. Most agents are looking to write a plan for you that pays the highest commission. However, I(Mike Worrell) take a different approach. My goal is to get you a plan with the lowest premium increases over time. Premium increases are important because if you’re not in pristine health you most likely can’t change to another company down the road. One of the reasons I’m still in business after 7 years is putting the client first. The Medicare supplement companies that don’t do any advertising and pay lower commissions usually have the most stable premiums for their clients. I understand that by making you happy with stable premiums, I can hopefully have the privalege of earning your business over a life time.

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